Book Review Group

Convenor - Judith Horsfall

The Book Review Group consits of members who enjoy reading all kinds of books regardlesss of their own preferences, which opens the door to all of us reading something we would not usually pick up off the shelves to read for our own enjoyment. This is what the group is all about and widens our eyes (and brains, if we have any), to authors to whom we may have no regard, and therefore have not given them a chance, to enjoy or dismiss.

We have already read works ranging from the modern and prize winning authors to the well established and classic. All have been well received and discussed at various levels! This of course gives us the opportunity of reading works and discussing something which is sometimes argumentative and very often amusing, no one holds back on their views, be it on their own or with the majority.

The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the home of the member who has chosen the book.
Numbers are limited to allow a monthly choice for each member.
It would be quite possible to start a second Book Review Group. Many members live in small houses so it could be a small group. For those who cannot manage a book a month it could, for example, meet every second or even third month. Once the group is formed it would require little organization. Even two members could start a group. Are you interested?

For information re the current book list contact Judith for details
by clicking here and starting your message title with 'Book Review Group'

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