Church Architecture

Convenor - Bob Alder
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The first visit of this group's predecessor (Church Visits Group) was on a bright, crisp morning in February of 2006. Twenty five well wrapped up members went on a tour around St Mary's Church at Stow and then moved on to the contrasting style of St Edith's Church at Coates, not far away.

During the years since the group started we have visited quite a few churches in Lincolnshire even venturing as far as Old Dalby near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.
Unfortunately, after a few years the groups convenor felt she had done it for long enough and as no one else wanted to take it on at the time the group went into hibernation. However, a couple of years ago, thanks to our present convenor Bob Alder, a retired church architect, it was resurrected. and meets monthly in the summer at churches around Lincolnshire

The object of looking at different Churches is to enable us to distinguish both the age and style of Architecture as well as the reasons for it being there. There are many early churches in Lincolnshire, some dating from the 11th and 12th centuries, very few are completely original. Most have been rebuilt on earlier footprints with the changes of style depending upon the era in which it was built, the money available and the materials to hand, a detective story with a happy ending. There are, of course many obvious visual clues as to its origins. By looking at each Church and making comparisons we can look at others and make our own judgments. We will go around each Church and contribute to a discussion about the style, payout and Architectural features of the building, and finally make a personal contribution to the upkeep of the Church before moving on.

Some pictures taken of the churches that we visited follow. There are lots more than you see here and we'll change them and add to them periodically.

To go straight to pictures of a particular church, click on icon next to the name in the list below:-

St Mary's Stow and St Edith's, Coates;
St Margaret's, Waddingworth and St John the Divine, Southrey;
All Saints', Bracebridge;
St Helen's, Brant Broughton and St Michael's, Stragglethorpe;
Holy Trinity, Tattershall;
St Chad's, Welbourne and the remaining tower of the Preceptory of the Knights Templar at Temple Bruer;
St Swithun's, Leadenham and All Saints', Wellingore;
Lincoln Cathedral Chancery and St Hugh's Chapel, Edward King House
  The Chancel, St Mary's, Stow Some of the group at St Mary's
St Mary's - couldn't get far enough away to get it all in! St Edith's Church - lots of room here, nothing much for miles

The top of the screen, the gallery and the roof timbers A wonderful pew in St Edith's
All Saints, Bracebridge All Saints, Bracebridge lovely lych gate

The Chancel in All Saints, Bracebridge All Saints, Wellingore looks out over the edge
A grand window at All Saints, Wellingore
Part of the Last Supper Reredo in All Saints, Wellingore. It is carved fron Honduras mahogany and was gifted to the church in 1969
The nave in The Collegiate Church of
the Holy Trinity, Tattershall
The East Window in Holy Trinity


Here lie the Remains of
William Wright
Apothcary & Surgeon of this Place
Who for his generous and hospitable Temper
his constant Sobriety
& uncommon Knowledge not only of his Profession
but in almost ev'ry Thing useful
(acquired only by Strength of his nat'ral Parts & unwearied Industry)
in his Life beloved
in his Death lamented
his age 44

He died in the Year of our Lord 173?

This is what you call an epitaph!
- on a stone in Holy Trinity
A window in St Swithuns showing St George,
St Andrew and St Elizabeth of Hungary
The Chancel at St Swithuns

A beautiful floral arrangement
in the Chancel at St Swithuns

St Margaret's, Waddingworth
Right in the centre of Lincolnshire

  Inside St Margaret's St Margaret's in matchsticks
No, it's not the vicar in the background!
  St John the Divine at Southrey
A wooden church clad in PVC
A corner inside St John's

Some of the group outside St John's Some of the group inside St John's
Note another matchstick church on the organ
  To be continued - come back in a while for more