Idle Scribblers

Convenors - Rosemary King
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A small group of up to 7-8 Members, prepare an 'Agreed Subject' each month for reading out, followed by discussion and comment. The diversity of short stories carrying the same title is amazing. It is an exercise in discipline to HAVE to write a 1000 +/- word piece on time! This group engenders more laughs than any other! We meet on the fourth Tuesday afternoon of each month at 2pm

The Creative Writing Group would welcome new members. Do not be discouraged if you think your efforts do not reach the heights of our published authors. They too were once beginners. Through sharing their ideas, writings and opinions their abilities have blossomed

As one of the projects each member was asked to write a story of exactly 150 words - no more, no less
not including the title. The theme of the stories was to be
'I Wish I Had .....!'

To read a couple of examples - Click here
You will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. If you haven't got it - to download it Click here