Provisional Members

The home of the Cliff Villages U3A is Harmston Village Hall, a cosy little hall in a small village situated about the middle of the cliff villages, so that it's not too far for any of our members to get at. It meets the requirements of our U3A admirably except in one rather important way - it's not very big and has a limited capacity - so, if we want all our members to be able to attend our monthly meetings we have to restrict membership to around 150.

The result of this is that ever since the Cliff Villages U3A Group was formed there has been a waiting list to join although at the moment it is quite small.

In the middle of 2006 the committee decided to introduce provisional membership.
People on the waiting list were invited to join as provisional members; they remain on the waiting list until they reach the top and a vacancy becomes available when they will then be offered full membership. If they accept they will become full members.
Provisional members pay a reduced annual subscription which includes the contribution to U3A Head Office and will be covered by U3A member insurance.
They are able to join Interest Groups if there is room but will not be able to attend the Friday monthly meetings in Harmston Village Hall.

Currently ( 2016), due mainly to the creation of several more U3As around Lincoln our waiting list has shrunk to almost nothing although we still have several provisional members.